This week, we bring an examination of Harvard's fashion scene, with blogger Jack Pretto of the Offbeat Bowtie, and a discussion of personal genomic sequencing, with science journalist Virginia Hughes.
On this week's show, a Harvard sophomore talks about his Oscar predictions that have garnered national media attention, a reading of a Robert Frost poem, the first part of an interview with a science journalist, and an exploration of the Harvard tradition of freshmen selecting blocking groups.
On this week's show, we interview two recently-appointed Rhodes Scholars and air two talks from Harvard Thinks Big 4, the latest installment of the annual TED-style speaker event.
From the midst of the blizzard, we put together this show from some favorites from our archive: a piece on Valentine's Day plans, an op-ed on the professor's role in the political arena, and an examination of professional video game players.
On this week's show, we interview: the oldest member of Harvard's Glee Club; a freshman named Abderhman from the Gaza Strip; and Ken Jennings, the longest-reigning champion in Jeopardy! history.